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The Rule 18 Story

Bobby Jones with 4 trophies

Integrity. Honor. Respect.

These are core values with which Bobby Jones lived his life and foundational elements of the game of golf dating back to its creation in 1457 in Scotland. Jones had a unique and special bond with the United Kingdom, especially the town of St. Andrews where in 1958 he was honored with the Freedom of the City award. Provost Leonard spoke of the town's desire to welcome an "old and dearly beloved friend... not only as a distinguished golfer but as a man of outstanding character, courage and accomplishment well worthy to adorn the roll of our Honorary Burgesses."

Rule 18 was created as a celebration of how Bobby Jones played the games of golf and life both at home and across the pond...with integrity, honor and respect. It fuses contemporary American design with a European tailored fit to create a timeless style for the modern man. Our collection will NOT make you a better man…you have to make the choices that will do that. We do hope to get you to think about your own legacy. To think about who you are and who you want to be when the world is watching, or more importantly, when no one is watching.

Bobby Jones at US Open

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