Some people want to celebrate their birthdays with a big party that’s all about them. But for Matthew McConaughey, that was the last thing on his mind! The Oscar-winning actor turned 48 years old on November 4, 2017. Matthew spent the day giving back to the people of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

“Thanksgiving, gratitude, we believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more that you show gratification, the more that you’re gonna create in your life to be thankful for,” the actor told them. “Let’s go make some people happy, put some smiles on some faces, deliver some turkeys. There’s some people that are gonna be happy to get ’em.”

The actor volunteered his time to hand out 4,500 turkeys donated by Butterball to families in the area, alongside 250 volunteers. The kind act was part of an initiative with Wild Turkey Distillery, called Wild Turkey Gives Back.

In this Facebook live video, you can see that the volunteers helping with the project were actually caught by surprise when they discovered that the actor would be helping to hand out the turkeys.